High Power Drop-In

Drop-in ferrite circulators at high peak and average power are available for radar and other applications from UHF to S-band.

A broad line of low loss HIGH POWER Drop-in circulators are available from VHF to Ku band including Kilowatt average power levels at VHF thru S band. L and S band radar are a speciality. Also Isolator option.

A) 2.7-3.1 GHZ 1 kW pk, 100 W av CT-3903-ST
B) 1.2-1.4 GHZ 3 kW pk, 300 W av CT-3885-S
C) UHF TV 5 kW pk, 500 W av CT-1326-A
D) UHF TV 1kW pk, 250 W ave CT-1615S
E) 128 MHz 20kW pk, 1 kW av CT-1739-S
240-320 MHz 5 kW AVG CT-1645-S
80 MHz 10 kW pk, 2 kW av CT-1849-S